Our newest arrival!!

Here she is.  Isn't she beautiful!!!! She is being a really good baby, but eats like a mad woman. Look at all that hair that she has.  Jay never had that much hair, I assume that it is because his head was up in my chest for most of my pregnancy with him.  She is doing really well and squeaks though. Do girl babies do that?  Jay never squeaked like she does. In her sleep, while she is eating just anytime.

She laughed today as well. That is the first time that I have heard a newborn actually laugh out loud. I wonder what she was dreaming of that made her laugh?

Here is Reinaldo and Nattie at the hospital. What a cute picture.

I couldn't leave out Jay either. Reinaldo cut his hair and now he looks so goofy since his ears poke out now and you can see his scar on the side of his head where he bounced off of Reinaldo's night stand because he was jumping on the bed. Jay is such a ham.

She is a month old!!!

Today is the day!!!