Project Runway second episode.

I almost missed this weeks episode just because I forgot about it and I should have been cleaning house for Natalia's birthday party instead of watching TV. Here are just some random thoughts that I had while watching the show.

When did Heidi get a tattoo?

Maternity wear! oh, boy...

The mother hen? (this is in reference to Malvin)

Goofy Maternity shorts that two women can step into. What were you thinking Mitchell?

Chicken Thighs!! HAHAHAHAHA

The Bowling bag dress, that was an idea that went all pear shaped.

How I rolled my eyes when some of this stuff was being created.  The chicken outfit that Malvin made was horrible.  And the urban mother that Mitchell was going for...what were you thinking that any women would want to wear shorts that big.

Anyways, I loved Shirin Askari dress. I wish that I could have worn something like that when I was pregnant. But of course I wouldn't have any place to wear it to.

The Half Apron

Nattie's First Birthday Party