Red Lunch Bag - DIY

Red Lunch Bag - DIY


My son has wanted a red lunch bag for so long. I wasn't going to make him one but since he has lost his quite a while ago it was time. Red is his favorite color and he lucked out that I am a sewing mama! I have to say that I have wanted to make one of these for a while but there wasn't really a reason to make one until now. So starting off...

Pattern pieces

Click on the above picture and you can see my pattern pieces and measurements. I ended up lopping off two inches from the side panels so that would be 6 x 10. I eyeballed the bias binding since I already had it on hand and the hook and loop tape as well.  As you can see there are three layers. I had my outer layer which is Duck cloth, my inside layer which is an insulation layer. I found this at Joann's and it is like polyester batting with super thin sheets of foil on the inside of that. The third layer is the vinyl cloth. I wished that I had oilcloth but didn't have any, I did have however, an iron on matte vinyl. So I used that instead. You just follow the directions given on the package.

Rounded Edges

Before doing anything I had to round the edges off on the end that would be my closing.

Held together with bobby pins

I wanted everything to stay together but didn't want to make holes in the vinyl. The bobby pins worked O.K. By the end I was using the binder clips and they worked great. I wished I had used them from the beginning.

Binding the inside seams

My next steps were to sew on the hook tape onto the front and up the side seams so that I could plan to bind the top edge, but before doing that I wanted to bind the inside seams too. I didn't want them to be showing and ugly looking even though it is on the inside and is just for my son who doesn't care.  Before binding the outer edge I partially bound the inside seams. I ended up having a hard time in getting all those layers through my machine so decided that I would just do part way, bind the top and then once everything was done glue down the rest using Fabritac.


The outside front binding

Then I bound the front edge. The sewed the bottom seams.

Handle folded and ironed

At this point I made the handle and attached it. I took my long piece sewed down the long edge, flipped it inside out and ironed flat.

Handle folded again

Then I folded and sewed just the middle to make a bit smaller grip. I really like the handles like this. It works because if they were any wider they would just end up crumpling up and your hand and getting wrinkly. Now they are smaller so fit in your grip and still look nice. No wrinkles.

Flap with handle

I mostly eyeballed everything. I don't tend to mark where everything is supposed to be because it doesn't usually work out for me when I do that. I always do something that is  off just a bit. Keep with me and you will see what I mean.

Had to remove two inches

As I was getting ready to sew up the last of the side seams I came to realize that my flap wouldn't have closed over the top once completed. I had to remove two inches from my side panels.

sewing up the back/flap

I put the clips on to hold everything in place. There was still fabric that wiggled around and I had to really manipulate the layers but finally got everything just right. Those binder clips are awesome by the way.

side view of the back/flap

I then sewed up the seams and then glued on the bias tape to the inside edges and let it dry. Once dry I flipped it all out and there you have it.

Finished closed

Inside binding

Finished side view

Finished standing open

Ok. Do you see it? Take a minute and look at the bag, do you see what I ended up doing? I, some how, ended up having one side taller than the other. I have no idea how that happened. See what I mean...something always happens.  At least this is for my son and he thinks this is awesome.

Thanks for hanging out with me for such a long post. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

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