Fantastic Friday - Projects to do

Our church has a meeting once a month just for the women. It is called Relief Society Enrichment. The meeting for October is our Fantastic Friday. It is where we get together and eat, gab and craft. Some of this is just to be able to be together with friends and craft without any children around and just enjoying each other's company. Since I am in charge, with my board members, this is what we have planned for our meeting for our Fantastic Friday.

The below is a growth chart made and painted on a  1 x 6 x 6  that I purchased from Lowe's.  Click here for our inspiration.

growth chart

This is a sweet little wooden Nativity Ornament. Click here to see where we got our idea.

Nativity Ornament

We also have a few classes. The one that I am teaching is the Dishtowel Aprons. Click here to see where I got my idea. I really loved these as gifts for my mom and sisters.



You might have seen all over Pinterest where these awesome little ornaments have been hanging. Have I ever said how much I love Pinterest?  Click here for the information on how to make these.



This is the last picture that I have. This is a Menu display board. It turned out really nice. This one was made by my friend Karen. Click here to see where she got her inspiration.

Menu Board


I am really looking forward to this evening since I love to craft and my husband will be home with our kids. Yay! Crafting without kids, with friends and good food. How often does that happen?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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