She is a month old!!!

I can't believe how much the time has flown by that she is just a few days past a month old.  Her personality is finally coming through. We find her a bit more whiny than Jay was. I am assuming that it is her personality and I hope that part of it changes as she is able to keep her head up and learning to sit up and look around.  She is a nosy girl, but we love her just the same and wouldn't trade her for anything.

I find that my time is still mostly taken up with her and Jay seems to be okay with it as long as I am not feeding her because otherwise I can't do anything for him at that time. That is when the jealousy comes out.  Jay quite likes her and I am glad that he has taken to her. He likes to play the little piggies game with her toes, and he tries to make her dance by moving her arms. He also rubs her head and kisses her head. He also helps when I need to give her her pacifier.  He is a good big brother so far. He can be very attentive. But for some reason he calls the pacifier chicka boom boom. Where he got that from I will never know.

At this point in time she weighs 8 lbs 11 oz.  Still has her hair as you can see. She is holding her head up a bit longer, but is a cuddler. She just wants to be held all the time. Which isn't the easiest thing to do all day long. I do wear her around but she gets so hot, it is like having a furnace strapped to me.

Below is a picture of Reinaldo and Nattie last night. I was getting Jay ready for bed and Nattie had fallen asleep on Reinaldo's chest. What a great picture.

Our day out...

Our newest arrival!!