Simplicity 3688 - Retro Pants

I have been wanting to make the Simplicity 3688 Retro Pants for a while now. I haven't ever made anything other than pajama pants before. So this was an interesting pattern.  When looking at the pattern on the front of the envelope it looked more complicated than what it really is. As I was putting it together it was really simple. The biggest issue I had was fitting the pants to me. I have a sway back and a belly. So that took a lot of fitting. I am glad that I had a muslin made from an old bed sheet to see what my issues were first.

The Front

As I have worn the pants around town they have slipped further down my hips so my crotch is way lower than planned. So in my next pair I will have to alter the pattern to raise the crotch about an inch and a half.  Maybe two inches. I think that once that I have that alteration made they will fit so much better.

Simplicity 3688

I just happened to find an awesome pair of brown oxfords to go with these brown pair of pants. Looks so good together. Now I need to alter these so that they fit correctly. But I am wearing them anyways. They are so comfortable. I don't feel squeezed anywhere. And that works for me.

Now I just need a lovely blouse to go with it.

Copied a Shirt - Now I have three more

A Beautiful Gathered Skirt