Soaping - Rebatch Soap - DIY

Soaping - Rebatch Soap - DIY


I have wanted to make soap since I was a teenager. I had a hippie phase that I went through and so made my own perfumes, body products and other things that were all natural. I really wanted to make these items from all natural resources and I wanted to learn how to extract essential oils from plants to make my own perfumes with. Soap was included in that and I wanted to learn the traditional, old fashioned way. Life then happened, I got married, had kids, had to work a job and I lost touch with those interests. I never did learn to extract the essentials oils from plants, but I do know the theory. I never did make soap the old fashioned way either. I still do some body products just for me.  Soap did scare me because it is made with lye and lye is extremely caustic. That is what put me off of making soap.

Skip forward about 20 years or so and I have come around full circle back to those interests that I had as a teenager. This time with more practical reasons. Me and my daughters have very dry skin. The soap that you would buy in the stores are detergent bars and aren't as healthy for your skin as you would like to think. For these reasons and because I never really lost the interest in making soap I have found a shortcut of sorts.

There is a website that I love called Brambleberry. You might have heard of it. Here is where you can find all sorts of goodness. But here is what I found. Rebatch Soap. I purchased this kit and it has everything that you need to make this soap. The difference between rebatch and regular (cold-process) soap is that the soap is already made using the lye.  All you have to do is melt it down and add your fragrance and colors and additives. This has been a way for me to try my hand at soaping with out using Lye.

Here is the melting rebatch  in a double boiler

This is a large pot of boiling water with metal canning rings on the bottom. There is a glass bowl with the grated soap base on top. I have the water boiling at a med-high heat.

Melting Rebatch

The above picture is of the rebatch melting.

Supplies needed

While I was waiting on the rebatch to melt I gathered the rest of my supplies. My Fragrance oil, The colorant and the mold. The kit that I purchased had everything that you needed in it. So the fragrance oil that came with my kit is Heather and Hyacinth with a blue colorant. The 15 bar soap mold I purchased at Wholesale Supplies Plus.

Second batch

I forgot to take pictures of me adding the fragrance and colors, but once completed and put into the molds here it is.

Heather and Hyacinth soap

The above soap was made with the Basic Rebatch soap base from Brambleberry with the kits liquid colorant and the fragrance Heather and Hyacinth.

Barbershop Soap

This soap above is made with the Luxuary soap base and colored with the Cappuccino Mica which is from Brambleberry and scented with the fragrance from WSP (Wholesale Supplies Plus) called Barber Shoppe. I like this fragrance because it is a men's fragrance. I am hoping that my husband will like it.

I wish there was a way to smell these soaps. They smell sooooo goooood. I have been using a small bar of the Heather and Hyacinth soap on my hands since we have a dog and I am cooking all the time it seems like. I like it because it doesn't dry my hands out as much as other soaps that I have bought from Wal-Mart or Dawn dishwashing liquid.

Do you have any experiences of making your own body products? Tell me in the comments below.








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