Summer Shorts - Part Two - DIY

Summer Shorts - Part Two - DIY


If you missed part one of the Summer Shorts post click here to check it out. So to pick up where we left off...

Halfway there

This is where we should have left off. The fabric was cut, edges serged, leg seams sewn and the crotch seam was sewn. Now we just have to hem the legs and sew the casing and add elastic. Now I forgot to take pictures of hemming but what I do for my girls is just take the serged edge and roll it up once and iron it flat so that it all lays nice when I sew it down. Like the picture below.

Hemmed Legs

Once the legs are hemmed then you fold down the casing and measure an inch from the serged edge to the fold for the casing. I sew right along the edge of the serging and I also add a tag or a scrap of fabric so that it will mark my back.

Measuring the casing

Once everything is ironed flat and pinned down I sew leaving about an inch gap near the back. You want it big enough to thread the elastic through.

Ironing and sewing the casing closed

To measure the elastic I take a bit of elastic and just wrap it around the child's waist and see how comfortable they are with it. You don't want it to tight but comfortable. You can also take the child's waist measurement minus an inch and use that to measure out your elastic. Putting a big safety pin on the end will help you thread the elastic through.

Adding elastic

Once the elastic is through pull both ends out and scrunch the fabric toward the bottom. You want plenty of room to sew the ends of the elastic together.

Pulling the elastic tight

Sew the ends by overlapping. You can butt the ends together and zig zag but I have never been very good with that. I always overlap. A zig zag stitch is what I have always used for sewing elastic together. It works for me. It is a bit bulky but for play shorts the kids don't care.

Sewing the ends of the elastic

Now work the elastic back into the casing and flatten everything out around the opening. Then sew the opening shut just like you did with the casing matching up the stitch lines.

Sewing the opening shut

Voila!! Your shorts are now completed and the kids can wear them out.

Completed shorts

completed shorts


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