Thank goodness it is Friday!!

How glad that I am that the weekend is here again. One more week down and 5 to go until my c-section. I can't wait until this child comes out. For every woman out there who have had children you will understand, for those women who haven't had children yet, just wait...and for the men, boy I wish you could be in my shoes for about a month...or nine.

We have finally decided on a name for our little girl. I really like this name and everyone else seems to like it as well.  I just hope that she looks like the name belongs to her. Otherwise we are in trouble.

I am going to see if we can go swimming this weekend. Which to most people wouldn't be a big deal except that we don't have a swimming pool nor a membership to anywhere that has one. I am going to ask my sister since she lives in an apartment. I went swimming once when I was pregnant with Jay and it was wonderful how I was able to just float around and have all this weight taken off my hips. Gravity can be a pain in the rear or well pelvis...

I can hear Jay singing to himself at the table. He is such a goofy kid. He loves to sing and look at the pictures on the computer. When he sees birthday pictures, it doesn't matter who of, he will start singing the birthday song which he just really learned with Reinaldo's birthday at the end of June. I am going to have to get video of him singing at the top of his lungs the birthday song. It is really cute. At least he will know the words by the time my birthday comes around.

He is also a monkey.  Almost every time I sit down he is right here with me either on my lap or behind me in the chair or crawling around me on the chair or jumping from the armrests of the chair onto my shoulders and head and lap and I am just a jungle gym to him. That gets really tiring after awhile.  Right now he is playing with a bunch of disposable cups that we had left over from a get together. He likes to stomp on them and hear them crush and stack them up and pull them up onto himself. Such an odd child. He needs a playmate or something....oh, wait, he will have a playmate in a little bit and a bit longer so that she can grow up some first.

Such a change has come across Julian since I have been pregnant with the girl. He used to stroke my tummy and kiss my belly but now he won't do any of that. If he sees Reinaldo stroking my belly or kissing and talking to my belly he gets mad and says "no stomach". I think we are going to have some jealously issues with him, but how much I don't know yet. I just hope that he doesn't regress to much, especially with his potty training. He is doing so well.

Here's to hoping and going to swimming this weekend.

Jay's first movie....

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