The binder cover

I was cruising on Pinterest and found this tutorial on making a binder cover for three ring binders.  Go here. Which gave me the inspiration to make one for me and my friend. I used what I had on hand.

the binder cover

I use this as my tote for my Primary binder since I am the secretary.

inside frontThe back is the same.

Then I worked one up for the Primary President. Here is hers.

Here is the front.

Inside front.

Inside back.  The PP wanted the black and white canvas that she got from the home dec section at Joann's.  Then I used the black bias tape for the edges of the pockets.

On either one I didn't use a paper pattern but used the binder itself as the pattern. I did have trouble with the PP's because her binder was slightly different than the one that I had.

It has been quite a while.

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