The first sewing project of the year.

Let me say first that I love this pattern. I decided that for my first project I would finish a Christmas gift that I ran out of time to do.  I figured it would be better to tie up loose ends before starting any new projects.

I just completed the Phoebe pattern by Rabeka Lambert aka Artsy Crafty Babe. This is an awesome pattern for the perfect bag. I have been looking a long time for something like this that I can tote around with just my wallet, phone, keys and Kindle.  I made two of them with the original intention of one being for me but found out that there is a birthday coming up soon for a cousin and I know that she would love this. So here it is.

The outer fabric is a crimson red corduroy with a creamy yellow with crimson flowers on the interior. I choose not to put any pockets in since I tend to find them useless and don't use them anyways when I have them.

The picture doesn't quite do the crimson red justice.

I thought that this would be the perfect complement to this red corduroy.

Now I am going to have to make one for myself for certain this time around.

Also I wanted to post a horrific picture of a quilt that I made my brothers.  I am not a quilter but I am the only that sews in the family so by request I made two identical quilts for my brothers and got only one really bad picture of one side. The lighting just wasn't right and my kids were trying to pull the quilt down and play with it while I was trying to take a good picture. So please forgive the  horribleness of the picture.

You can't really tell but there are diamonds quilted into the blanket. I figured that guys wouldn't want squiggles like more feminine quilts have. I also didn't bind the quilt as done traditionally. I wanted to use the most of the fabric that I could and I didn't get enough fabric for binding in the first place so that didn't help any either. So I tucked the sides inside the middle and did a zig zag kind of stitch to close it all up. Not bad for a last minute request. Then to make it really special I took a small rectangle of white fabric and made a patch with their names on the patch and then sewed the patch on in a corner so that it isn't really noticeable.  I cheated by printing their names out from Word and tracing it with a fabric marker. I chose Edwardian Script so that it would look much nicer than my funky chicken scratch.

So this is just to start off my new year. I hope that I am able to accomplish just as much as I have since the beginning of the year.

What do you do when...

New Years Resolutions...again.