The Quilts are finished!!!!

Yeah!!!! I thought that those were going to take me forever and I wouldn't finish until Nattie came, but I managed to finish them. Here are the pictures of the finished quilts. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger so that you can see them better.

Quilt for Natalia Elise

Here is the back.

I really like this quilt, you can't see it and pictures really can't show it but I did a stippling stich in the shape of flowers in the non painted areas so that it holds the quilt together instead of tieing it together like I would have normally done or like I did with the ABC quilt.

Which I have here.

and the back.

For the ABC quilt I tied it all together and then put a blue and white striped flannel on the back and bound it off in white polyester quilt binding. Since this was my first quilt like this originally I know where I can improve for next time but I don't think that it looks to bad...though there are a few mistakes in my paintings....but that is ok.

Let me know what you think.

Jay and the green grass

Jay's first movie....