The sock monkeys are done!!!

My Sock Monkeys are all finished! I am so glad that they are done and can be sent to California. I just finished them last night and had the hardest time with deciding how the eyes should look. I needed something that was kid friendly since they are meant for preschool aged kids. I didn't want a choking hazard of any kind. I tried to make felt eyes that someone else had done. I tried different kinds of embroidery but they all looked kinda goofy. No personality.

Here is the before picture.

The beginning of sock monkeys

Here is the monkeys almost finished.

All done! Just need to put on the eyes.

And here is the completed monkeys all ready to start their long journey towards the children that will love them.

We are ready to be sent toCalifornia!!

Good Bye, Sock Monkeys!! Live long and prosper!!

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