The tutu is done.

I wanted to give Nattie a tutu that was stiff and stands straight out and doesn't hang down. I think for her that would be the best since she can't trip on it. I finished last night. This is as good as it gets for Natalia.

I actually caught her standing still since we were listening to some music from the 50's and 60's.

I started out by  taking 3 yards of pink tulle and cutting in half in half in half until I had pieces that measured approximately 10 x 5. My pieces were smaller that than most of the time.  I then took three pieces and then laid them on top of each other and folded in half.  Then in a large basting stitch by hand I strung then onto a double thread. As you can see below. I know that you probably can't see all the detail but the bottom right corner is the dark thread basted through the top of the fold tulle.

Once I had everything strung up I pinned the tulle to 1/2 inch elastic.  I sewed it on using a large zig zag stitch stretching as I went.

Once everything was sewn on I sewed the end together and voila! All finished.

We went to the pumpkin patch today.

Look at that hair!