The Veggie Tales Party

Jay is turning 3 in March, meaning that I have to have a party for him. Well I want to give him a small party for him with just family around like I usually do. But since here lately he is really into Veggie Tales, which I love too, that is the theme for the party. It will be just a small party but trying to decide what to do for his birthday cake took me forever to decide on. I originally was going to do a cake in the shape of Larry and Bob, but decided against that since that would be a lot of cake and hardly anyone eating it. Instead I am going to do a small round cake with Larry and Bob cake toppers.

Check this out...


Aren't they the cutest? Ok, they aren't perfect by any means but I think that they are really cute and I know that Jay loves them. And afterward he can keep them on his shelves to look at. Bob looks kinda wonky, but Larry is done really well. I had a heck of a time keeping Jay away while I was working on them. Thank goodness my in laws were over to keep him mostly distracted.

Talking about Jay and Nattie...


and here is Jay trying to roll her over


and this is Nattie attacking Jay with help from papi.


My goofball children...I love them.

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