This weekend we went to Alabama

to see family that I don't get to see very often. We went to the Alabama State Fair as well. It was fun but the boy is to short to ride the rides that he wanted. I always feel guilty about that. Since is he shorter than what he would be normal and doesn't quite measure up for the rides. He did ride the train and the big slide, the boy shot the gun through the red star with mami's help. We ate lots of greasy junk food, saw the sharks and the pigs race.  By that time we were through my mother, sister and I were pooped. The kids could have gone on and on, but not us. Boy talk about a sign of aging. No energy to do anything like that any more.

I wasn't able to get to many pictures but when we sat down to rest for a few minutes I got a few.

According to the boy he was just to tired to walk any longer.

Trying to escape.

I told you it was a few.

It was nice but the drive there and back is a killer, only four hours either way. It takes a lot more energy to make that drive than it used to. I am glad that I went those to see my family.

Just taking a few moments of Play Doh fun

I finally got batteries for the camera