We are back!!

What a trip we had. It was long and I would rethink about doing it again with such small children. We had five kids under the ages of five. What were we thinking.

To start off we meet at my Grandmother's house in AL. Things seem to start off fine there since everyone was getting along at that time.

We even started out the trip in high spirits.

Then we picked up Peter. Peter is my little brother and he went with us to see Aidan graduate. We were planning for him to sit in the back with the kids but he nearly flipped out about sitting back there anyways.  So I started out in the back between Jay and Addison. What a tight squeeze. I knew that Peter wouldn't even sit in the back once he saw me trying to squeeze myself back there. Eventually we had to move Gabe into the back and I was in the middle seats between Regan and Nattie. That was a much better place than in the very back squished between two car seats.

Addison had passed out on the trip to pick up Peter. We all got a laugh out of this picture. I don't know how she was able to sleep like that.

Once we had Peter we were on the road again.

And then Gabe and Addison got in trouble because of the misuse of the markers that Meredith had brought along. They were supposed to be used for coloring the coloring books, not themselves or each other.

It took us longer than planned to leave Al so our first night we spent in Jackson, MS. It wasn't bad, but the trip the next day was a killer since we had to drive from MS to OK within that day. That was I think 10 hours.  It was a long trip.

Finally Oklahoma. I was so grateful that we made to Oklahoma without having an accident, except Jay who wet his pants because he refuses to tell me when he needs to go pee pee.

We get into our hotel rooms and let the kids go swimming in the indoor pool. They really needed to burn off energy.  We get to the pool and there are three teenagers horse playing at the deep end of the pool. I keep the kids in the shallow end to keep them out of the way of the bigger kids.  All the horse playing that was going on were making swells of the water and Jay kept swallowing the water and then he would cough that ugly, loud, belching kinda cough. Finally the teens leave. The waters calm down and the kids are having a good time swimming around until Jay does another cough and this time has his stomach come up with it. " Out of the Pool." I tell the kids and all except for mine get out. No, mine starts heading toward the deep end. Now I have forgotten about bringing a swim suit so I am in my clothes that I have worn on the trip. I tell Jay one more time to get out. He just smiles at me and keeps swimming. So I wade in and drag him out. All the while he is screaming at me. We walked through the lobby dripping with pool water and a screaming child in my arms with my niece and nephew following behind me. How embarrassing. And I am ticked off because Jay didn't listen to me in the first place.

Once we got back to our rooms Meredith gives the kids a bath and we get ready for family day the next day.

We arrive at the small area outside of Aidan's barracks and see the, I guess battalion, standing in formation. Everyone is trying to find their soldier and Peter sees Aidan first. Aidan is the first soldier holding the blue flag.

Before we were able to see Aidan there were some demonstrations of what they learned. We saw what they wore, how they acted as a group and training exercises as you see below.  The kids liked the fake fighting that went on.

Once all that was over Aidan had to go and change into the uniform below. Doesn't he look nice. So smart in his uniform.

Pretty much after that we were just running around everywhere trying to keep the kids happy and spending as much time with Aidan as we could. The next day was the graduation ceremony, but I didn't get any good shots of that because I was taking all the kids to the potty while he walked across the stage. We had just walked back into the auditorium as he was sitting back down. Peter had said that I just missed it.

The next thing you know it was time to leave and head back down south. As much as we love Aidan I couldn't wait to get back home.

We went to a park on post and let the kids just run amok to burn energy. They didn't run so much as play in the dirt, but we did get some good pictures of Aidan.

Then we came home, of course that was after I locked my wallet in the rental car and had already put the keys into the drop box.

There will be things that I have said and done that I will never live down from my brothers and sister. But I wouldn't have missed this trip for the entire world.

Look what I made....

Graduation Day