We are back.

It has been awhile since I have written and we have had all sorts of stuff happen. As you know we had gone to Florida to visit family that we haven't seen in quite a while. Unfortunately, while there I managed to get pancreatitis and had to have my gallbladder out while there. So there went my families vacation. I feel so guilty about it. We barely had any fun. We did get to go to Disney World's Magic Kingdom, but that was it, for the entire week!!! After we come back Nattie starts to crawl and get her first tooth around the same time. We had gone out with the family here in this area to a local Venezuelan restaurant. I was feeding her and she bit me. That is how I found out about her tooth.  She also has a motor on her butt. She goes everywhere.  She also loves it when Jay zips past her on all fours too. She tries to follow but isn't fast enough yet.

Here are some pictures that we took before we left for Florida. Once I have the other pictures downloaded I will post them.  I have some great pictures of the hospital!!

Ok, I thought that I had more pictures of Jay, but all the current ones of Jay are still on the camera's except for that one.... I will post more next time.

So back from Florida, rain all the time but I am actually grateful for that since we were in a drought last year. I hear that the lakes are full again.

Meredith my sister has a new blog.  www.thefloridamageefamily.blogspot.com.  She just started it but there are really cute pictures of the kids there.

How they grow!

New fashion for the kids