What a way to start off the weekend

As I was sitting at the table feeding Nattie, Jay decided that he wanted to share what he had drank this morning. He coughs and it all comes up. Thankfully there wasn't anything else in his stomach but grape juice and not a lot of that. Just after that he gives this horrific sneeze. Now Jay has a double ear infection again, so his nose is producing gallons of green mucus. Well that sneeze cleaned out his head. He looked like one of those gross doll heads where you squeeze the head and all the inside come out in a bigg gooey clump. He was kinda like that this morning. Ewwwwww! Gross!!  Of course Reinaldo wasn't there to clean up like he would have normally done because I gag at anything that comes from the stomach. So right now he is in the bathtub getting clean and he can breathe this morning.

What a nice way to start the weekend.

Still not able to upload pictures...

I thought that I would take this moment