What a way to start the day.

My internet wasn't working this morning. Great!! I had called comcast and the guy  was about to have me switch the blue cable over when the green cable from the router fell out. I plugged it back in and now we have internet again. Whoo Hoo!! Jay was in here watching Nattie for me. I was about to walk downstairs talking to the Comcast guy, letting Jay playing using the rattle. He was shaking it around making Nattie laugh. I walk out the door and I hear BAP!!, WAAAAHHHHH!!!! I turn around just in time to see Jay run to his room and throw himself into his bed. I get Nattie and tell Jay that he had better stay there until I get back. By the time that I get back he is asleep.  Thankfully she didn't cry that long.

I hope the weekend isn't anything like this morning.


Still not able to upload pictures...