What a wonderful weekend!!

I had the best weekend ever!!  I had taken two days off from work so that I had a four day weekend, then my birthday was this weekend, my kids spend the night with my inlaws and my husband took me to the art museum.  All within the same weekend.  I do have pictures of the museum but they aren't very good because they are from my camera phone. But here you go anyways. 

The horse is a part of the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit but we were four days early for that. It doesn't open until tomorrow. That is why we went in the first place.  Meanwhile we decided to go in anyways and started at the top where the contemporary art work is.  I personally believe that contemporary art work is a waste of time, space and money. There were a few exhibits  there that were just huge canvas that were painted one color. Red or green or orange.  Nothing spectacular about it. But we were told that the museum spent millions of dollars buying the "art".  I do not have an art degree so I guess I am saying that I have an uneducated opinion about the works. However I am pretty sure that even if I went to art school I would still feel the same. 

Hey if anyone is interested I could do the same and you wouldn't have to spend millions, just thousands!  Suckers!!


Outside the main entrance
Outside the main entrance

Sitll amazing anyways.

The picture below is in the contemporary exhibit and it was actually unusual enough that it was interesting in how the artist painted black on black to achieve the idea that he was going for. You would really have to see it in person to understand.  (But this isn't not the same as a single color painted canvas and still be considered "art")
Hmmm? What does it say to you?
Hmmm? What does it say to you? Just fill in the blank.

Then we got to the older paintings like Monet or Norman Rockwell. I don't know who created the statues but I liked the statues more than anything. I think it is just because I can't conceive how the artist managed to smooth stone without leaving marks.  



The closeup below was the detail given to the garment that sits around the Libyan Girl's lap.  I am just amazed.

Such detail.

These few were the best out of my camera phone pictures.

Before the museum though we went to a local Cuban and Caribbean restaurant called "Coco Loco" It was soooooo gooood!!!!! We hadn't been there in eons and it was just as good as  it was the first time that we went.  The man had some kind of steak with Chimichurri and I had Vaca Frita with rice and yucca. Yummy!!! So good!! 
Of course all this happened with my kids spending time with their great aunt and great grandmother. They were spoiled rotten there and now I am trying to undo the effects of that.
After that I spent Saturday drafting patterns and getting things ready for the Christmas season. I really should have been cleaning my house since I didn't have my kids but what a waste of time that would have been. Cleaning house when I could have been doing other more enjoyable things like sewing. Ha! 
Sunday was literally the day of rest, just to listen to conference and relax from all that relaxing I did.
But now back to the old routine and I still don't have batteries for my camera.


Atta Girl!!!

On vacation