Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018

This year was a doozy. My three kids wanted to be in order from eldest to youngest , Link (from The Legend of Zelda), a squire ( which is a knight in training) and a Dragon.


In planning out when to start the costumes I knew that I needed to start earlier than I normally do. Then I got lazy. I started talking about the costumes in August with my kids. They gave me their ideas before the start of September. I actually got started on the costumes at the start of October.

I knew going into this year’s costumes that there was going to be more than just sewing involved. I needed to make two shields, and a sword and a pair of dragon wings along with the necessary sewing.

Thankfully, as I was working out the details with the kids I managed to talk my squire out of being a full blown knight. I really appreciate her belief in my skills, that I can make anything, but I am glad I talked her out of the suite of armor which she wanted the most. I probably could have done it if I had started in January….

My dragon really wanted to be red and black and I am so glad that I found a stretch costume fabric that looks like red scales at Joanns. I only got a yard which I was going to have to stretch into leggings, a tail and scales on the wings and shirt. Because of time restraints I just used the fabric for the tails and leggings. I did get her a black long sleeve shirt to wear with her leggings. I made the tail as a cone shape with I stuffed with fiberfill, closed the top and added a matching patch on top of that. Also adding a band of elastic as I stitched it up. The elastic will go around her waist for her tail. Her horns were strips of thin craft foam which I spiraled and shaped. I used hot glue to keep everything in place once I had it where I wanted it. Once dry I used Tulip fabric paint to add paint over the glue that showed and then Mod Podged the glitter on. I then hot glued the horns to a headband.

My squire was a bit more difficult. I am not as happy with that one because my daughter wanted to help too. She made the pullover herself with my help. But she got lazy and didn’t finish the seams like I would have liked. But she wanted to do it her way so I let her. Her sword is a wooden sword that she got at the Renaissance Fair last year. With a long sleeve white shirt and black leggings and black booties that are her church shoes. The shield I made from my first Links shield which I measured wrong. She wanted it so I told her I wasn’t going to correct the shape and she was ok with that. It is made out of EVA foam, which I shaped with a industrial heat gun to put the bend in it. She free hand drew the lion from a picture I found on Pinterest. I used that drawing as a pattern and cut out the lion from thin craft foam, you can find rolls of craft foam at Joanns. I used my Dremel to make the grain line in the EVA foam, then painted it as wood like as I could, painted the lion. Once it was all dry I used contact glue to glue it all together, did touch ups and used contact glue to straps to the back.


Link ended up being super simple with a bag like tunic with sleeves and a collar, matching hat which is just a cone shape made to his head measurement. His shield and sword on the other hand was the hardest out of all of them. I put the shield together similarly to the squire shields except it had a border made from another foam mat using a pattern that I free handed from a picture that my son had in a book of the videogame. Then the pieces on the inside were cut from thin craft foam, all of it was painted then glued on with contact glue and straps in the back.

I am really how most of this came out. I am super happy with the shield and sword which was a bit more complicated but glad that is all over now.

Sock Monkeys!!

Sock Monkeys!!

Summer is almost over. Yay!!