When you get lazy

I think as humans we always try to be busy. I think it makes us feel as if we are accomplishing something even when we don't actually accomplish anything. Being a mother I always feel that I have things that are always half done. Even in sewing and crafting. But I always get so excited and am proud of myself when I manage to finish something, anything at this point. 

That is how I usually feel. Here lately I have been so lazy in my sewing and crafting. YouTube has pretty much taken over my life and I live for the likes and subs on my channel. I find it amazing how addictive these things are. My husband recently deleted Facebook because he was on it all the time without getting anything from it. Myself I would love to do the same thing but I don't want to quit making videos for those who might be interested in them. So I keep going on. 

But man....I have been so lazy. It must be because it is summer and we are all out of whack with our schedules because none of my kids are in school, or it is because I have been going to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning because I was watching Japanese anime, or because I feel tired all the time. I just want to nap when I wake up, after I eat, and just before dinner. I have found myself living on YT, Pinterest and Instagram. I am learning some new things and getting ideas for new videos but wow. I have wasted a ton of time on those apps. 

With these thoughts in mind I have decided that I am going to be more productive. Well I am going to try. I mean summer is still here, my kids are still at home, and there are some anime that I want to binge. But I will try. 

Summer is almost over. Yay!!

Baby bibs and those drooling babies

Baby bibs and those drooling babies