I am here!!! I haven't forgotten you!!!

Since my last posting there has been quite a bit of life going on with me.

My family has moved, so getting everything packed and from one place to another, then getting the kids into school and just getting settled….it is a lot.

We are finally settled in our new place, and if you have seen any of my recent videos you might have noticed my background has changed. But the change is a good thing and I am closer to some fabric stores, Yay for that!! But I have to change that background into a better color…brown…really? Who actually paints their room brown?

I will be updating this website with some new posts getting caught up with what I have been posting on YouTube if you follow me there.

I am going to keep on keeping on and let me know what you think.


Singaporean Fabric Haul #3

How to match plaids in sewing.